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  • Eye of Shiva Shell Handmade Necklace Orange Coral Chunky Jewelry Beach

    For a much larger selection of jewelry, please check out my main jewelry site: WWW.SHADOWDOGDESIGNS.COM Do you hear the call of the ocean? BEACHCOMBER, a gorgeous handmade shell and coral necklace, is definitely fit for a beautiful mermaid . . . or for you! The chunky necklace is a fun beach beauty that will set you apart from the crowd for your infinite good taste. Created with exquisitely organic Eye of Shiva shells, orange coral frangia, hammered sterling silver chain and sterling silver findings, this piece of jewelry was designed and carefully put together by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs. The BEACHCOMBER necklace is a one of a kind fine jewelry design and cannot be repeated. Don't miss out - add it to your cart now. + Eye of Shiva shell: app. 18 mm in size + Orange coral frangia: app. 8 mm in length + Metal: sterling silver + Clasp: brushed sterling silver s-clasp + Length: app. 19" / 48.3 cm from end to end but can be worn shorter if desired First, a bit about the Eye of Shiva shell. Eye of Shiva shell, also known as Shiva shell or Pacific Cat's Eye, is the protective covering at the opening of Turban snail shell. On one side of the Shiva eye shell is a beautiful spiral, the exact shape of the spiral being unique from one shell to the other. Depending on the sea snail's diet, the color of the spiral varies from beige to deep green while the background always remains a milky white. On the flip side of the spiral are splats of colors that usually resemble a dark "eye". When the snail living inside the shell detects danger, a protective door will be pulled shut and the "eye" side will be exposed. The snail hopes to look like a much larger creature and ward off the predator. Eye of Shiva shells (sometimes called just Shiva shell) actually have a flat face and a domed backside. For this necklace I put two flat faces together in pairs to form a kinetic look. I love the way the shells turn as you wear it, presenting different textures and colors. The colors of the shells are sublime, ranging from a rich orange to a light khaki green to creamy white. Colors that will look divine against a summer tan! The front shell section is app. 10" in length. For more information about Eye of Shiva shells, please scroll down. To add wonderful texture and add more orange color to the necklace, orange coral frangia was used. The frangia complements the Shiva shells perfectly - a very welcome addition! All components of BEACHCOMBER are spaced with 2 mm sterling silver beads. To keep the necklace light and airy, I decided to use lovely sterling silver hammered chain for the back of the necklace. The shell and coral front part were connected to the sterling chain with sterling silver wire protectors. One end of the chain is finished with a brushed sterling silver s-clasp; the other end is decorated with a wire-wrapped coral dangle. The total length of BEACHCOMBER is approximately 19" from end to end but it can be worn shorter if desired. For a better understanding of the relative size of the BEACHCOMBER necklace, please be sure to check out photo #8 for a size comparison with a quarter. The Eye of Shiva has a strong representation in Hinduism, being the third eye in the middle of the forehead of the Hindu God, Shiva. Representing wisdom, it is thought to have the ability to look beyond the obvious. It also symbolizes the creation, the preservation and destruction of everything, the flow of life, the constant change of the universe, spiritual knowledge and creative visualization. Coral is said to bring mental peace and relieve stress. Silver is the metal of love and healing. The BEACHCOMBER handmade necklace will come with two informational drop tags: one with the piece's name; the other lists the materials used in the necklace and the language of the stones and metals. It will be carefully packed in an organza jewelry bag, perfect for gift giving to a loved one . . . or to yourself! The matching earrings found in photo #9 have been sold but a similar pair can be made and purchased separately. Please contact me if you would like a pair. BEACHCOMBER was featured in the Handmade and Fabulous blog: ***Please be aware that not all monitors show colors exactly the same. The colors of the items used to create my jewelry are extremely close to the actual color on my monitor. The colors may appear lighter or darker on your monitor. Shadow Dog Designs Beautifully Unique Handmade Jewelry for the Discerning Woman
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