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For as far back as I can remember I have been engulfed into a creative life style. My mother was an accomplished seamstress who could take an artist rendering of a dress, draw out a pattern to fit any size. She was constantly sewing and creating.

My earliest memory is sitting next to her at her second sewing machine and making doll clothes. This was long before the Barbie Doll craze. She would give me all her scraps and I would design as I went by cutting fabric and sewing them into all kinds of 50ish fashions. Of course they lacked some of the fine finishing touches since I was only in 4th grade. But this love to create still lives on today.

Over the years my interests moved from physical arts and crafts to music and playing the flute. This phase lasted through junior college where I began my art career of learning to eventually graduating from the University of West Florida with a BA degree in Art Education.

My method of creating definitely goes back to those days sitting next to my mother making doll clothes. One piece leads to the next until the whole puzzle is put together and all fits like a glove. I consider myself to be a jack of all trades and a master of none because I love delving into so many artistic methods it is hard to settle on one interest. As I sit here in my studio I am surrounded by jewelry making materials of all kinds, watercolor & acrylic painting supplies, calligraphy materials, stamping and paper crafts stuff, artificial florals and the list goes on. This little room which used to be my son's bedroom is now my domain surrounded by all things I love to do as a creative passion. However, jewelry has remained at the forefront now for some years. But I have all the other interests I can pull out of the closet and play.

Early on in my creative career I was a teacher at a military arts and crafts center. In their little supply store, if a product needed to move off the shelf, I would teach myself whatever technique was needed and develop a class around it. An example is that there was a lot of basket weaving kits in the store. I learned how to weave an egg basket. Put it on display and eventually taught a class. Ultimately all the baskets kits sold and more were ordered to fill the demand.

I love to take something; not knowing what it will become, and make into something useful or decorative. In college I took a hand building ceramic course for my BA degree in art education. Our professor demanded that we draw our projects first then build them. Every time I did this my pot would collapse and die. Therefore, I built the pot and then drew it. This was the only way I could make it work. Eventually, the professor called my work the growing pots because they would start with a base and grow until I said it was DONE. Hence, Amelia Originals jewelry is completed when it is DONE and not a minute before it is DONE!!!!!

This approach to creating is most definitely influenced by the way Mother Nature brings the world to life. This is the reason that the world we are part of is so amazing and truly influences all that we do.
There is an art text book that was written in the 60s titled Art is a Wonder and a World. This is so true.

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