ArtByElle's Profile

BIO Elle McCarthy is a late blooming, self-taught artist, who is based in New Jersey, USA.  In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed her to find a release valve for the associated stress.  Art came calling; she answered. A spare bedroom was transformed into an “artist den”.  Her husband and her social media friends gave her encouragement to continue pursuing her newly found passion.  Several of her pieces were selected as finalists of the many online juried art contests she entered, just four months after she created her very first painting.  She is now striving to improve her technical skills and works in the studio daily. 

ARTIST STATEMENT For decades the artist in me laid dormant, leaving room for the business of earning a living.  It was only when faced with the necessity to occupy the long hours of COVID-19 home confinement and the ensuing drought in my small business income that I finally answered the call in the Spring of 2020.  My inspiration comes from colors. Since I was a child I have been drawn to bright color schemes and palettes.   I like to experiment with various techniques, mainly using acrylic paint.  I also add tissue paper, modeling paste and collage to augment the texture of some of my pieces.  There are no boundaries, just the joy of putting brush to canvas and letting my inspiration take over.