ArtisIgnis' Profile

ArtisIgnis is a shop concept born out of love. Really, this shop is about love. Let us explain… When two people start dating, and the more they know each other, the more they realize their creative minds complement and entice each other - in more ways than they thought possible - passionate creation explodes in their lives! That’s what happened to us. We are Cris and Pedro and when we met, magic happened! Pedro has always worked with wood but it was Cris that planted the hair sticks seed in his creative mind and he made it grow as fast and big as their love grew stronger! Cris was creating wire wrapped jewelry at the time but fell in love with wood and pyrography almost as fast as she fell in love with Pedro! As our relationship evolved, we naturally started fueling each other’s creativity, and our desire to create together grew bigger and stronger as well. That’s how ArtisIgnis was born. Artis means Art in Latin, and Ignis means Fire, so the shop is actually called The Art of Fire and it combines Cris’ passion for wood burning with Pedro’s passion for wood… anything! So, ArtisIgnis was born out of the love we feel for each other, the passion for creating beauty, the fondness for art itself and the desire to share with you what we so devotedly made.

Wood Beeswax