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I have always loved crafting from a young age. I was inspired by because of my mothers gift one Christmas when I was ten years old she decided to by me a encyclopaedia of crafting. I can't remember which book it was but it contained chapters on quilting,needlework,tatting and crochet, embroidery, sewing, knitting. I resolved to try them all!! Knitting and crochet were the easiest for me to master at the tender age of ten. So began my love affair with crochet. In the beginning I made lots of dollies using patterns in the book and very fine crochet cotton using a tatting needle then I moved on to crochet. Its only recently I have picked up crochet again as a way to relax using large needles and cotton and wool. My current project is a blanket using flowers for my mother. I decided that I wanted to make up my own patterns as I couldn't find one I liked for my tablet and my phone. I love the process of thinking and designing a pattern and of course crocheting it even writing it up can be good fun.

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