DianaVCreations' Profile

Hi, I am an artist at heart. I started years ago making jewelry and tutorial DVD's on how to wire wrap jewelry. Since I've aged my hands just won't allow me to continue with that so I decided to take up pour painting. I allow some of my paintings to "stand alone" as a complete piece and others I embellish with adding acrylic skins I make then cut with my Silhouette machine. Others I use an air brush and still others I add photo art to fit the theme I think the painting leans toward. My husband has joined me in this endeavor, he's been an artist for more then 50 years. He paints as well as sketches real life portraits of people and animals. So for some of my pieces he will add the hand painted embellishments. If your interested in seeing how I make some of my pieces I have a Youtube channel under the name of DianaVCreations, you needn't capitalize, there are no spaces in the name when you type it in, I left a link at the bottom. I also have a shop on Etsy with the same pieces as here.

I love the different metallic paints available to us and I love making my own colors by mixing them.