Earthingmoccasins' Profile

One day I was struck by the beauty of someone’s shoes, I immediately thought “This is a perfect design!”. I got told they were hand-made by an American-Indian that would come to Bali to sale them soon. In the following week, I saw this old man with two white braids and a hat that was stitching leather in a corner. I immediately thought « That’s him! ». I went straight to him and before even thinking to what I was saying, I asked « Can you teach me? ». Surprised by my determination, he said “Let’s see what you can do…” and enrolled me as his apprentice after a successful 3 days’ trial.

In December 2015, I spent one month together with him. I made about 100 pairs to start with and he was taking me on every market to help with the fitting. After this initiation, I started making them by my own in Northern Australia. With the help of a first Kickstarter campaign, I bought my first batch of leather and stitched another hundred pairs. I was trilled!

I started selling them on the local beach market but I quickly realized, that to make a living out of it, I needed to reach more people. I started selling the moccasins online but since I was still a beginner, so to say, I was founding it pretty stressful to make the custom-fitting without having my customer's feet in front of me. After all, I though : "Maybe the people can fit them them-selves better than me!", and I started teaching about this wonderful craft. I was giving live workshops locally and started writing my first PDF tutorials. Although, I had a good rate of satisfying fittings when selling them online, I decided to focus on the online tutorials and continue custom-fitting the moccasins directly on people's feet on the local markets until I would have gained more experience.

I continued travelling with this craft in Australia, Belgium, France and Spain, teaching many workshops and making several hundreds of other pairs. I initiated my partner Joa to make them, in 2018. After he had a good insight about how it all worked, he supported me to take my business on step further with recording video tutorials. At this time, I had taught more than 100 people in private workshops. It gave me much confidence about how to teach this craft to beginners and what questions and mistakes they would generally do.

In 2019, I became pregnant, and as we had no idea about how our future would unfold, it was a great motivation to build up our online business with full Video Tutorials, Kits and our professional website. A second Kickstarter campaign helped us to set it all up. At the same time we were still going to the local craft market and teaching in person in La Palma.

Our baby was born and simultaneously, our new online tutorials platform was launched!

About one year later, in Summer 2020, the first lock-down due to COVID 19 closed down our local craft market. We had planned on touring festivals and market places and we were now stuck at home. Luckily, our online business was supporting us well but we had a whole bunch of shoes waiting to be fitted that were becoming useless. Facing this situation, we decide to put the moccasins for sale online again. After all, I had nearly 1000 pairs of experience by this time and though: "Let's try again, if when I was beginning, about 8 to 9/10 people had a good fitting, there are no reason it could be worse now!".

From now on, there is choice for everyone... You can both order your custom-made moccasins directly from me or you can learn how to make them yourself with my Online Video Tutorials!

Leather wool and felt.