EverythingGuineaPigs' Profile

After recently becoming a two guinea pig family, I soon realized not only how much fun our new family members were, but also how many cute and practical things to make for them.

I have been sewing/quilting for 12 years now and selling on eBay for over 2 with 100% positive feedback, so thought I would try this site.

I quickly realized we can never have enough things for our cavys and started making our own items. Our items are guinea pig made, but can be use for any small cage animal such as sugar glider, hamster, rabbit, and such! All our items are handmade with care and quality workmanship with your furry friend in mind.

Coming soon, many more items! My assistant (my 9 year old daughter) will be modeling our new upcoming items with our guineas, so stay tuned as we continue to expand our products for you.