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We are not just selling another thing. It's far more than just wooden toy, coaster, candle or napkin holder. It's our passion, our lifestyle and a big part of our heart.

We are Anatolijs, Antra, Jekabs, Alma and Jazeps , the husband-wife-children team behind Zvarde. It is a family business located in one of the most beautiful parts of Latvia, Europe. Latvia is a small country, a population of 2 million people and it is one of the greenest countries in the world. Forests cover more than one half of Latvia’s territory. Our family live in the countryside, and not just any countryside. We are surrounded by Nature and Nature alone. There are no neighbors in sight. Enjoying all the benefits of true freedom that the forest and meadow greenery can offer. While living next to the forest one can get inspired by nature and learn a lot about the trees, their qualities and the best use of them. Our family wood workshop started after our first son was born. We wished to have safe and high-quality toys for him to play.

Now we have three little ones and the fourth on the way, who inspire us to make new and interesting things from wood and we are happy to share this passion and hobby of ours with the rest of the world.

We really love to make wedding and home decorations and other small items from wood too, which can make those beautiful moments of our lives more personable and memorable.

Rustic wood Oak tree