JL-Creations' Profile

I am an independent maker, I've always handcrafted all kinds of products, from patio chairs to dogs' and birds' houses. I live in a semirural area in NM, steps away from the river, where I've always had the opportunity to get in touch with animals and nature. The set of products I am making now started off as handmade Christmas gifts to my family and friends, and I've decided to start up my "JL Creations" designs business.

My inspiration is therefore always driven by the beauty of nature. I love appreciating the majesty of mother nature, portrayed in the wonder of every single detail in our environment.

In the same way, I pay attention to every detail to make my designs beautiful, unique, and special, but practical at the same time.

Every JL Creations are handcrafted from carefully selected high-quality wood for its luster and durability.

Each one-of-a-kind piece is created with the goal of presenting the woods' natural beauty and bringing warmth into people's homes.