Jewelice's Profile

Extensive collection of stylish designs that transforms Organic and Architectural elements into highly detailed three-dimensional art forms. Engagement rings.

Jewel Ice has been in the fine jewelry since 1994, producing the finest gold and platinum diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. We offer one-of-a-kind unusual unique handmade wedding bands and engagement rings.

In our store you can find a wide variety of unique engagement rings, engagement sets, flower rings, bridal jewelry, vintage jewelry, leaf and vine rings, floral rings, wedding bands, gold diamond rings, fashion jewelry, floral designs, flower engagement rings, promise rings, love rings, floral engagement ring, organic rings, anniversary rings.

We also offer pearl jewelry, pearl rings, and pearl engagement rings.

For our designs we use D-E-F color Forever One Moissanites and machine cut high quality HTHP treated (High Temperature High Pressure) White Sapphires as a center stones. As an accent stones we use G-H color, VS/SI quality diamonds.

Forever One Moissanite created by Charles & Colvard is a gem in the coveted D-E-F range that is so pure, so white and so incredibly brilliant that it promises to change forever how fine jewelry is made and enjoyed:

Our White Sapphires have been treated by the HTHP (High Temperature High Pressure) method which was originally used to treat Diamonds. This treatment expels impurities and gasses from inside the crystals thus dramatically improving its clarity and color. To learn more about this gemstone, please read “ABOUT THE HTHP WHITE SAPPHIRE” section in my store policies.

Custom setting of any birthstones and gemstones are also available (i.e. cubic zirconia, ruby, garnet, aquamarine, rubellite, tourmaline, rhodolite garnet, morganite, moissanite, topaz and any color sapphire) for the ring of your choice.

14k white gold platinum gold 18k gold white gold yellow gold rose gold diamond gemstone sapphire gems diamonds white sapphire