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In our shop you will find bead embroidery kits, Duplet crochet patterns and Zhurnal MOD MOA crochet and knit patterns magazines.

First time buyers take a look inside Duplet and MOD magazines, look at amazing finished bead embroidery here:

We want to introduce extremely beautiful art to you. Meet bead embroidery! We have started to sell bead embroidery kits since 2011. Bead embroidery is easy to make. It is relaxing and very aesthetic hobby. You will get terrific result with tiny efforts - unique piece of art and attractive decoration for your home. The kits made in Ukraine are notable by their fine selection of high quality Czech beads and neat pattern prints. Every kit is accurately packed and good as excellent and inimitable gift! Hope you will love this kind of art.

Now welcome to the world of Duplet, the world of wonderful models and patterns, creative university of crochet mastery! We are proud to be first who introduced these amazing magazines with great crochet and knit patterns to the world. This magazine allow you to put into practice your most daring projects, help to pass thorny path of exclusive garments creation using truly unique patterns and charts created not for industrial manufacturing. Owing to the ideas of Duplet crochet magazine you will have inimitable, unique and attractive look, you will look very chic as real lady should look. Moreover, if you really want - you will be able to create unique garments for sale which, for sure, will find their customers and bring you a joy, satisfaction and money. Duplet crochet magazine has only one shortcoming - it is in Russian. But it is less than nothing in comparison with that charts, models and pictures presented in every magazine follow which you will be able to unzip any crochet project.

Duplet crochet magazine never contained complete patterns for a clothes printed on the cover or inside, except swimsuits issues. Duplet magazine actually is something like a crochet school. It is full of ideas, motifs and different elements, i.e. of assembling parts you should use to create your own clothes be inspired by some exclusive designers models printed in the magazine. Of course all motifs are accompanied by charts made of international crochet symbols easy to read and understand.

Zhurnal MOD crochet and knit patterns magazine on the contrary is practical one and contains patterns for all models printed in it. All patterns are drawn by international symbols.

Welcome to pure inspiration!