LaserMotions' Profile

I am an aviation avionics specialist in my field in the day and a laser production artist at night. Vintage WWI and WWII war bird cockpit clocks are my favorite things, and that is how I started my laser career. I wanted a clock stand for my very old cockpit helicopter clock. There were none, so I designed one and laser cut it. There it began as an amazing journey. I have made thousands of stands for the clocks since then. All of the old vintage clocks of the old eras. I will have them here for the one looking for one, as well as I have them around the world. Crafting for you at the end of my work day--It is a relaxing way to let the day go and just let the imagination loose. My wife and I are very nature loving people and are inspired by the beauty that we see in it. We both love color and vibrant detail as you can tell from the fire like colors we use in our acrylics. I have been laser creating for many years in many places. I love custom ideas and making your vision happen if I can.
Taking life all one day at a time is enough for me and mine. Every day has something great in it. I think the best thing is the sense of accomplishment when a client has a design in mind and I am able to achieve its end result that makes it all happen on their end in their world of design.

We also create jewelry in laser production but most of my work is custom design for you and your needs.

We both also love art and Glass as well as gemstones in the natural world as well as glass concepts and chainmaille old world designs and modern. We love teaching some of our youth about design and beginning to set up a shop of their own where they can begin a style of their own as well. We will place a site link for that at a later time.

Artfire is a beautiful designed platform, I am well pleased to be here creating for you! If you need custom or bulk, just ask. Thanks for visiting with me. Stay a while-- look around.

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