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I and my small team, we are China professional mirror man costumes, mirror lady, mirror girl costumes, mirror performance costumes, mirror dress, mirror jumpsuits, mirror masks, 3D mirror helmets maker. we have experienced on it. Perfect quality, comfortable wearing, enough eye-catching, is our pursuit.

Our Mirror man costumes special features as below:

1.High-quality acrylic mirrors. Those mirrors only look like a real mirror, but it is difficult enough to break or split it, weight is also much inferior to the real mirror, which makes it possible to wear a suit for hours.

2.We use an acrylic mirror and cut it with a laser. We make round edges, so you can't cut yourself with this mirrors.

3.The mirror suits reflect light very well, so the mirror act suits are suitable for any events. Mirror man can work day and night, also they are excellent for photo session. You can use in your performance stage lighting equipment, laser projectors, or even sunlight.

4.And have different color mirror can choose, like golden, silver, red, blue...

5.The costumes made by hand, comfortable for wear, and for create an unique performance.

  1. We accept style customization, size customization.

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