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Hello! My name is Melody Keller and my husband and I live in the White Mountains of Arizona. Over the years I have pursued various artistic and creative endeavors. I've participated in many professional classes and workshops as well as art and design classes on my way to a degree in anthropology at the University of Arizona. My love of ancient cultures and the beauty of the natural world continually provide the inspiration for my projects. Currently, I am creating decorative dried gourd vases, bowls, spirit masks, and Kachina sculptures. I hope you will take the time to explore my offerings and imagine how they will enrich your home and life. I have enjoyed showing my gourd pieces at the Arts Alliance Center of the White Mountains as well as on my Artfire website. Thank you for visiting my site and come back soon. You can contact me at: or through my website:

Dried gourds paints dyes feathers fabric beads embellishments