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Empower women-empower generations... of India with the help of Needlecraft.

Since childhood, I have seen many women working hard for their children and not getting value in social life. Women in India was never a successful enterpreneur. I have been getting inpirations from two people, one is my grandmother who worked as embroidery teacher in School for 30 years. She is 85 years old now and playing a vital role as a CRITICS to my designs.

Another one is Taj Mahal. Beautiful motifs on Taj mahal are a showcase of Chikankari embroidery.

I have beautiful daughter and now I work with 6 people who help us to create this wonderful art not only to manage income for my family but for other members of my studio as they all are women. I always wanted to be strong supporter of weak womens who wanted to work and raise high in life. We use to store Fabric as a raw material, Threads and all raw material required to make the artwork. We offer all Customization solutions as we are artisans. So can help our customers for any custom orders.

We have been focussing on CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and been getting good reviews from customers always.

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