ReflectionsbyHesper's Profile

Blessed with Creative Reflections. We love trying our hand at something at least once so sometimes my items are one of a kind, which means I only make one of the piece. I'm just unique like that. :-)

I've done a majority of my sales and promotions at local craft shows. It gives me the ability to meet my customers in person and get feedback. Most everything I have is listed on my Facebook page, but I finally purchased my domain name after 6 years. :-)

Please feel free to message me and check me out on Facebook until I get my shop and web page in order. Thanks for taking the time to visit Reflections by Hesper and I look forward to making something special for you.

Natural stones Wire Metal pendants and chain Beaded/Glass/Handmade Wire wrapped pendants Ribbon/Leather/Satin cords Pearls Crystals and more....