I am just a person trying to find my way in this crazy world.I have been doing graphic art since around 2000 and have many digital art pieces. I moved on to painting in 2006 as I wanted to feel more emotion with my art. I am an artist who loves making things with my hands. I started painting with oils in the middle of 2006. I paint with acrylics too. Paint pouring is fun! I make resin art and jewelry with resin.

I started making jewelry in 2007 and I love it. I have sold many pieces in small festivals. I have an online store, please see the links below for all my social media and online store links.

I enjoy researching about new art mediums or new jewelry techniques. Twitter @shannonrathernotsay Facebook : Jewelry-by Shannon Rathernotsay

In 2016 I started painting mandalas on stones. It is so much fun. I started the flip cup paint pouring craze in 2018 I am painting guitars now. message me for details.