SUNNY CORDS is the Dutch-Australian is the original brand, dedicated to protect your glasses in a fashionable way.

My story begins in 2016 with a mission to bring back a vintage accessory trend from the eighties. Tired of loosing and breaking my sunnies, and refusing to wear those old fashioned chains, the idea of starting SUNNY CORDS was born.

I combined the best of both worlds: Amsterdam’s trendy city style, which I know so well, with the laid back vibe of Bondi Beach, which I’ve come to love. Ever since, these sunny treasures have become a real local favorite.

Scoring the globe for inspiration, I carefully select my materials around the world, with Bali being my favorite destination. Each cord is handcrafted with love and great attention to detail. Working day and night, I constantly experiment with a variety of chains, beads and gems to create new looks for different occasions. Can you find your most wanted one?

Welcome to SUNNY CORDS.

Colourful feathers Beads in summer colours Charms e.g. the Flip Flop or the spiritual Wishbone