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Celeste Spiderwrulf ~ I was a Firefighter in New Jersey for 7 years, I brought Ken into the Fire Company and we were married at the Firehouse. We have been living in Florida since 1998, where incidentally they would not let us be Firefighters.

I have been in retail since 1988, and due to several foot surgeries in 2002, I have had to leave the Corporate world. During the two years of surgeries and recovery I worked hard on developing my crafts. My father was a jeweler and I share some of his compassion and artistic blood. I started by selling collectibles and toys from my collection, turning the money around for components to use in my arts and crafts. I have been walking the Red Road since my awakening in the year 2000, and I continue learning and growing.

In 2001 my husband and I were part of an organization that put on a pow wow. If you do not know what a pow wow is; It is a gathering of Native American culture, dance, songs, story's, drumming, and so much more. You really have to experience one to take it all in. Well the pow wow starts off with the Grand Entry, in which we honor All military Veterans of wars. Well, we all know how the year 2001 went here in the United States of Native America; And that year at the pow wow, the Firefighters, Police and Emergency Medical personnel were asked to come into the circle behind the Veterans. Because, I guess people finally realized that we were also Warriors, at home. It was very emotional for me, and I dedicate many of my products and beadwork to Veterans.

In 2005 my little brother went off to Iraq, another combat medal color pattern to learn. To ALL Veterans ~ Thank You and Welcome Home!

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