SooBoo's Profile

I created SooBoo Designs in 2008 so I could create my personalized stationery and sell it in fairs and online to friends, new customers and yes, family. Within these last several years, I began making the fabric wreaths, which now are prominent items in my studio.
I'm always making new wreaths, and creating new stationery. If there is a design you would like me to create for you that makes it personal, just let me know! or find my shop here on

Happy Shopping! Susie

When creating my personalized items such as note cards notepads calling cards gift tags I start out with a good old Sharpie marker and also an old style technical pen for the finer lines. I then paint each name with Dr Martin Dyes which have a smooth vibrant palette. For the SooBoo wreaths I LOVE finding new patterns in many it turns into a healthy sickness... a big stack of boxes of fabric from which to choose to mix and match to create the really delightful wreaths mostly one of a kind. I think I have made just a few that are exactly alike and that was by customer choice!