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Welcome to The Norse Wind! Place for a handcrafted Norse mythological treasures! Direct from their native land. I am Rossi. I live in Germany and offer to you a little piece of the history and the magical energy of this incredible place. I am very interested in Norse Mythology, especially in Runes and Witchcraft. At TheNorseWind you can find any type of runes, rune sets, personalized talismans and amulets, also home decoration items and other magical items for pagan, wiccan, metaphysical and spiritual work. Everything is handcrafted – I make all items myself, or combine and design findings to a finished product.

My Work

*** I work mostly with natural materials like wood, leather, stone, crystals, metals, so I feel connected to the nature. I pay close attention to the symbols I use and details of my products. Every symbol, crystal or gemstone has a meaning, power and special use. I do my best to make your personal amulet according exactly to your purposes. My wooden items are made from natural wood, respectfully gathered from northern Germany. First I select very carefully the origin and the kind of wood, the shape and the size. Then I burn the Symbols by hand pyrography (wood burning). The metal items are made from hypoallergenic, lead- and nickel-free alloys. Crystals and gemstones have a unique healing power. They are very helpful to “open” your chakras, to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages. I bless the Rune Sets with good energy by the traditional Norse ritual.

I gladly take custom orders for personal amulets, decoration or any items you need for your protection, love, health, goals or spiritual work. Just contact me :)

I hope you like my items. I’ll be very happy to answer your every question and glad to serve you!

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