Thesucculentdish's Profile

Just a couple living under the redwoods who love succulents and making planters out of reclaimed wood

I have always loved and collected succulents. Once I started putting them together to create dish gardens I couldn't stop. Family and friends started getting dish gardens for gifts and I never even really paid any attention to how much it would cost. As long as I was able to put something together that I thought looked good together I was happy.

We bought our home in Felton CA back in 2006 and once we were home owners the projects began. The more projects we had to do the more tools we had to purchase. From building decks to removing falling fences, with all these projects around the property, we always had a big pile of wood that was either scraps or part of something that had to come down.

We always looked at the old pile as something that we can reuse to make something new. And from that pile came planters for dish gardens. Again, family and friends started receiving as gifts and with succulent dish gardens of course!

People would always comment how they liked our planters and we should sell them. So we joined our towns makers market and sure enough sold a bunch of succulent dishes! We have finally decided to share our creations online.

repurposed wood and other cool finds