TreasureDiscoveries' Profile

My love of travel and hand craft draw me to collect lot of interesting treasures. Whenever I am not traveling or hunting for hidden treasures , I spend my time at home in front of my TV with some hand knitting project. My hand knitting has a broad area; baby blankets, beanies, whole set for babies either a dress or pants and pullover , or skirt and vest and so on. I also take on very big projects as king size bed hand knitted blankets, sofa blankets , young boys or girls blankets or pullovers, skirts , . Also I knit a lot of any kind of scarves or sets of scarf and hat made of yarn with wool or 100 % wool or alpaca , lama, lamb wool and so on. Very many of my hand knitted projects ended up in donations for charities or church peers who just delivered a baby and so on . Since I am out of work because of covid I thought I can give it a try to start selling some of my "Treasure Discoveries" and my hand craft .