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I am Sentifia Tran. I was born and raised in the small village in Vietnam where has been a famous land for its buffalo horn handicraft products. My father is talented artist of this land for traditional horn craftsmanship. I love horn handicraft from I was still a young girl and learned to make small horn things from my father. After years and now, I could design, create and make many beautiful jewelry from buffalo horn and I really love these products and also their natural beauty. That is really a passion which attracts and fascinates me for continuing making other more buffalo horn products and handicrafts.

Why I would like to share with you this story?

I decide to share my story and my beautiful buffalo horn products on Etsy to all of you in all over the world. I work 15 hours per day and having hard work to make buffalo horn handicraft and the reason is I really love them and think also, you will be so happy and love them when you could wear it on every occasion, date, appointment, meetings, conferences….. This make me have more inspiration, be more creative, be more passionful to make more beautiful and trendy buffalo products for all of you. Now I and my team are focusing on making great buffalo horn products with latest fashion trend and with traditional designs. Also, focus on serving you at any questions, wishes is our number 1 target.

Where do we get buffalo horn?

Horns are collected from buffaloes which are dead naturally. We NEVER kill a buffalo to take its horns.

Our product is finished by TRUEART.ATELIER with 4 missions

HANDMADE All our products are handmade by me and my team and manufactured with the greatest precision. Horns are collected from Natural Africa and Asien buffaloes which are dead naturally. We NEVER kill a buffalo to take its horns.

RECYCLED Items are made of recycled materials like horn, bones, wood and brass – we take care of our environment.

GIFT IDEA We create our products with love and real passion, so they are unique gift ideas for your friends and family

SUBSTITUTE Our items are good substitute to illegal ivory products – if you choose TrueArtAtelier you contribute to saving the wildlife.