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Hello dear friends and welcome to Vinyl Planet ( Official Web Site ) . At Vinyl Planet, we make these beautiful clocks from old and discarded vinyl records. The old records are given a second life! Creating these unique clocks gives us great enjoyment and I hope you too will also enjoy them. Our clocks are functional, beautiful and a nice addition to your home decor. Vinyl has its own charm and warmth of a bygone era. As well as making beautiful things for your home, Vinyl Planet is also helping the environment by saving old vinyl records from landfill and reducing the consumption of new raw materials. Lovers of vinyl records and music fans should not despair, Vinyl Planet creates all of our clocks from records that are no longer playable. The music has already been destroyed before we recycle them into new products for you to enjoy. This is why some of our clocks have light scratches and scuffs on them, It is all part of the charm of making a new product from used vinyl records. The music lives on in a different form. These make an amazing gift idea for all occasions, birthdays, anniversaries and special celebrations. You can choose to order just the laser cut vinyl by itself to display on a wall or a plate stand, or have the clock mechanism added to make it a functional piece of art. Vinyl Planet can also do a special custom designed clock just for you. Just ask us and we will do our best to make it for you. Just send us a message with your request and you will be surprised what we can do. The cost for special designs will be very reasonable as well. Here is some information about the product: • The clock is made of old 12” vinyl record. We also have a selection of 10' and 7' models. • You can easily hang the clock on the wall • The clock mechanism is silent, so there is no loud ticking • You can customise the clock to add words or images, just ask us. • There are a number of clock face stickers to choose from, so you can choose any other one according to your liking for no additional charge • The centre label will be either a random label, or will have a Vinyl Planet sticker to cover the label Here is some information about the payment and shipping: • Normal shipping takes 7-10 days to Europe and 10-20 days to America, Asia, Africa or Australia. We use regular national Airway delivery services. • All packages are sent via international priority registered airmail with a tracking number included for you to track the item • Allow 2 days processing time in addition to the shipping time • Each clock is shipped in a cardboard box and protected with styrofoam and bubble wrap packing. We do our best to avoid any damage during shipping by packing our products well. In the unlikely event that your product arrives damaged, it will be replaced at no cost to you. Please like us on Facebook. You will also find us on twitter, instagram, pinterest and google +. If you like what you see, then like it, pin it, share it…..go crazy :) Official Web Site

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