VasilisAngelopoulos' Profile

In order to get into the center of beliefs, rituals and obscurities, Vasilis is building images of faded glory, decay, ruin and death. He tries to understand the ritualistic state of religions. Putting himself on experiential ceremonies, Vasilis re-create the figures of non-iconic “gods”, titans, tyrants and abstract concepts of chaos, justice or death. Each of the materials used in his artworks, has its own symbolism. He is reaching the point of abstraction by giving the most of the answers through the nature of materials. Ash, soil, blood or fruit juice are some of the elements that can be found in his creations. He’s not just put his comment in the vanity of religious hierarchy or finding some answers through his rituals, but (just like in alchemy) also giving “life” in the medieval symbolism of ingredients. The artworks are mostly build on the shades of one colour, and the extremely abstract patterns portray the minimalistic aspects of the central “figure”. The extra materials are mixed with paraffin and they’re remains of rituals that Vasilis acts by his own. The divine nature of the artworks and the final non-iconic form, are given by the leftovers of the experiential rites. It’s important for him to experience rituals of different cultures for one painting, and that will connect the different symbols to their one actual universal and multicultural meaning.