Vrittidesigns' Profile

My name is Vritti Pasricha.I am from Mumbai,India.

“Vritti” in the Sanskrit language means an enlightening wave of thought that removes the veil of ignorance and illuminates the path ahead.

The penchant for design and the entrepreneurial spirit gave birth to "Vritti Designs" where the unusual and the exotic blend together with the sylvan charm and the simplicity of Indian countryside.

I gets inspiration from the ideas of environmental sustainability and social equity and the multi-fold rewards arising out of this alliance. The essence of this idea pervades the business model that benefits directly and indirectly the lives of the numerous artisans, cottage industry workers and the farmers.

We as an organisation committed to the impending need for sustainability and cultural preservation of the Indian subcontinent and the world as a whole. We believe in social, cultural and environmental sustainability !!

I work with the materials grown on organic farms, and manufactured without harmful chemicals. This is better suited for the maintenance of the local wildlife, animals and environment.

Organic Cotton Hemp Nettle Silk Khadi Marino wool.