ZenAndCoffee's Profile

As a child I spent my days with my hands and mind always in something creative. I was fortunate enough to attend schools where such creative endevors were nurtured, and with parents happy enough to support my wild imagination. Growing up I explored every artistic medium I could get my self into. I tore through books as fast as I could, stole bits of quilting from my mother's stash to make doll clothes, drew and painted, sculpted and wrote- anything at all just to create.

As I grew older, so grew my passion for all forms of artistic expression. I always found a way to keep creating.

Zen And Coffee came together from a collection of these different passions. Through Zen And Coffee, I am able to explore every aspect of the creative process right down to packing. As the Curator I get to select wonderful fabrics, laces and other items for new designs. As the Designer I get to match this bit to that and find new ways of expressing myself through my work. As the Shop Owner I get to share this creativity with all of you and deliver a bit of my imagination to your doorstep. Through my work, I hope to bring to you your own handful of stardust- to inspire you to dream, create and to remember the magic of your childhood and tomorrow - no matter who you are or where you are from.

All of this is very much my unexpected zen. Sewing has always been a passion of mine and to now be able to do something full time that not only incorporates that, but also allows me to fulfill my "slight" fabric addiction and to keep creating daily is very much a dream come true. I run my shop in all aspects on my own and love nothing more than meeting so many wonderful customers and friends through my work!