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Adventure Gems started many years before I was born, with my parents going gem hunting in many locations starting in Western North Carolina and moving way beyond. As they progressed in sophistication, they took up gem trading and later, gem cutting. They developed contacts in Brazil, then Asia, then Australia, and eventually throughout the world. Along the way I was born in 1987 and since age 3, I've been involved with their gemology activities (hunting pretty gravel as a 4 or 5 year old, and gems after age 12 or so). In college I learned welding, chemistry, physics, and metallurgy and eventually combined these skills with my parents' and my passion, gemology and it's articulation, jewelry. The result after over 40 years of evolution

Rings and Earrings Silver amazonite quartz (amethyst citrine prasiolite) sapphires of all colors; opals both Australian and Ethiopian zircon side stones emerald and other beryl rubies of all kinds tanzanite.