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HI! And welcome to my Studio. My name is Salome P. ( Sam ) I live in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico, I'm an Entrepreneur HandCrafter Designer & Maker Since a little kid, funny thing I didn't know I was a crafter designer person until I grew up. I craft and design my own items for my home and family until one day I thought... Well why I don't do this as a living job? This is my passion to be creative why not shown to the world!? ... Long story short. Now here I am, working on the making and designing as an Entrepreneur, I just starting opening my own Studio. I hope you like and enjoy my creations as much as I do. Thank you for visiting my A Piece Of Mexican Art Gallery.

Thank you and have an awesome day! Sam.

I love any kind of materials and I don't have a favorite one. Metal Concrete Wool Strings Stones Clay Jute Canvas Wood Plastic etc. just to name some of them.