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Greetings, my dear friends!! My name is Gennadii. I am from Ukraine. By Fate,five years ago, in 2014, abandoning my business and last socially saturated life in a big city I've turned out to be on that wonderful Island of Gods named Bali... It's very calm and measured life here in Bali, no o ne hurries anywhere, and here it's a special energy in that place. Being here for a long time the person is becoming more calm and is getting back to his own Nature and Sources starting to ask questions about Being, happiness, about hisher own Way and Purpose of existence. I'm not an exception. Turning out to be here, far away from the vanity of the big city among beautiful nature I've calmed down and heard myself, I've heard my Soul. My vocation is to be a jeweler and create. I've realized it fully and understood that I could not prevent not doing it! My Vocation is to bring creation to people in the form of jewelry through my hands showing my Mission to the World in that way. Each person possesses a Genius, and this is a Gift from God!

Sterling Silver Gold Brass Copper Sea Pearls Freshwater Pearls Bone Wood Gemstones Ancient Beads Ancient Antique Coins Ornamental stones Crystals Nylon cord Linen thread.