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I am an avid builder always have been , allowing me the accomplishment of young entrepreneur for Alberta the province I live in when I was 29 ... a lot has happened since then and I have settled into making vibrant and beautiful led signs combining and vibrant led lighting to lexan glass. I CNC a Image on it and where the lexan it cut it shines with the color of the led light ,,,, producing a beautiful and vibrant picture of anything you can Imagine . Although we have a stock of about 120 different styles on hand at all times we can also make COMPLETELY custom sings of anything you can dream ....... We have have many other signs in our store that are not up so if in question please just ask for all you harley fans we have lots ..... I also sell just cool products but our main business is led signs .... led anything actually so just ask if you like .... have and amazing expereince of your journey :)

iron ... im a body builder and i like going fast