croomerart's Profile

I am driven by a whimsical inspiration that drives me in all of my artwork and interests. I challenge myself to live a life of make believe and stories. I also challenge myself to create art that will influence others to do the same. To believe in your imagination and the “impossible,” brings amazing things to the world.

I strive to bring about a unique experience for the viewer, transporting them to a moment that I have created. In these experiences, I hope to create something that is whimsical, tells a story, and transports the viewer into a place where the world we know is unrecognizable. Installations interest me because I am able to physically make a space which I can manipulate to my vision. In installations, there are complex and varying views depending on where the viewer is standing because the artwork is a physical place. Functional artwork interests me also. I believe that by making functional artwork, I am creating a purposefulness that goes beyond aesthetics.

Through my series of artworks, I hope to create unique experiences that transport the viewer into my vision, bringing those ideas to life. Creating these experiences takes the person almost into the artwork and allows them to discover things and feelings that I create. Also, giving something a different or unusual perspective interests me and is what I hope to accomplish in my artwork. In the future, I intend to explore instillations and important ideas around experience and perception in the conceptual framework of my art.

Watercolor colored pencil acrylic paint clay