daisydelsol's Profile

Daisy Del Sol is an online fashion brand that includes vintage and contemporary collections. It was created by two best friends in 2014.

Aesthetics is at the root of our passion and we live it every day through our brand. To us there is nothing more fulfilling than witnessing something beautiful, like a fearless young woman in a flawlessly-styled outfit. Our mission is to share and inspire all women with quality clothing and trendsetting fashion at modest prices. We encourage our consumers to embrace their authentic selves, be real, and look good doing it.

Bright and passionate, a Daisy Babe radiates the energy of the sun with her free spirit and love of adventure. Her contemporary wardrobe accompanies her on each new experience as she travels the world. Her soul exudes mystery and depth, calm and serene as the moon. She is inspired by history, and fascinated with collecting vintage pieces that complement her unique story.

Our brand is our craft, our life-love, and our balance. We are ignited by the passion of the sun and the serenity of the moon, which we hope to capture and release via fashion at Daisy Del Sol.