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Damascus Blades is a small, independent kinfe manufacturer located in Brooklyn New York.

we are family owned Business and my family has been making knives for over 80 years now. We specialize in Damascus steel knives, swords, blades, blanks, and of course billets; all of which are made by hand. The initial knives were primarily made from Damascus, but we have now begun manufacturing in a variety of steels and other metals. We manufacture and bulk supply annealed billets in a variety of Damascus patters, as well as blanks and blades. We are growing into stainless and high-carbon steels, and developing molded handles for our knives, as well as folding knife kits and an ever increasing variety of leather sheaths for all purposes.

if you want to place a custom order just send us a picture and we will make it for you with in 3 weeks. please email us at Huntersblade1@gmail.com

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