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GOLDFISH TEA BAGS - Try out the new innovation from TAIWAN (The Heart of Asia),

The house of all kinds of Teas.

The gift of Tea.......

Tea is the essence of heaven and earth. The soothing process of tea tasting is an opportunity to experience a simpler, more gratifying life.

The Goldfish tea is made of fresh organic rose petals from Nantou in Taiwan and strictly selected fine-quality tea sprouts.

The boiled tea has a golden amber color, and it is rich in tea quality and latent with an elegant rose frangrance. It disseminates a thick and rich tea and flower frangrance and leaves a long-lasting fresh and sweet taste in the mouth.

The Goldfish Tea Bag is entirely made by hand. Among the 300 university students, 28 revealed the talent to carry out all production processes of Goldfish Tea Bag after 6 months' training and tests in Taiwan.

The graceful shape of a Goldfish and its name suggest treasure, which may be interpreted as a symbol of happiness and fortune. Pure, authentic Taiwanese tea in a Goldfish brings wonder to your table and a fantastic, luxury and gorgeous gift to your beloved one.

The Goldfish tea bags are directly shipped from Taiwan.