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From the time I was a child, I have always been surrounded by people who were creative themselves. My mom is an excellent seamstress; my sister and I were always the best dressed in school in our mother's creations. She flipped through Simplicity catalogues for ideas what to make next. One of her sisters, who is a clothing designer and a seamstress by trade, made my wedding dress. It's from them I learned to be a perfectionist.

My parents and aunts were supportive of my art endeavors providing me with beads, books to learn from, and art supplies. I was given private lessons in music, painting, and ballet growing up. One of those stuck with me more than the others. Guess which one!

My love for drawing and painting led me to signing up for the Graphic Design major at the University. Upon graduating, office settings didn't feel right for me so I took freelancing jobs from designing cards to digital painting. Then one day, something incredible happened! I discovered a new world of jewelry making, wire wrapping to be exact.

Though wire working was new to me, I was no stranger to jewelry making. I have been making my own accessories as long as I could remember (and sold them to classmates and later to my aunt's clients!) but they were limited to knotting, beading, twisting, and assembling manufactured components. Excited for my new discovery, I began exploring these metal bending activities. Turns out I was a natural. Metal bent my way exactly how I wanted it to be and here I am today, a metal bender by design, a metalsmith by trade.‚Äč

Metal is my passion. Designing is my soul.

My name is Kharisma and I'm a metal addict.

Argentium Silver copper brass crazy lace agate drusies labradorite leather natural stones gemstones.