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Welcome to Rye Sera, The Hand Dyed Project. Rye Sera dress is designed by an expert specializing in designing fabric patterns. Every piece of wear requires distinctive hand dyed techniques that produces gorgeous and diverse results with meticulous blend. Our inspiration comes from Thai Art and culture from all over the world. We create unique patterns and develop our own chic that is hardly to imitate.

Every step of pattern designing is truly handmade and reflect the emotional work of art on fabric in different and characteristic procedures. Each piece requires various step and several techniques. Such as etching, paint, tie-dye with stitch resist, color dust, pole dyeing, dip dye etc. Also, the hand pressed mold using wooden blocks. The colors used is safe and free from chemical dyes. Confidently, most are natural colors which derived from flowers, bark and charcoal dust, etc.

Please keep checking with us constantly and keep us in your favorite list since we are going to continually refreshing our items with new and excited ones. We are a happy team, please do not hesitate to message or email us if you have questions.

Thank you very much for visiting Rye Sera, The Hand Dyed Project.

Love XOXO, Rye Sera :)