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Since a child I’ve always had many creative outlets to pass time. From charcoal sketching still life, nature hikes,rock hounding, making friendship bracelets for all of my friends , to even believing I was going to be a huge fashion designer when I was only 14 years old. I took jewelry making classes in high school , but I had no idea Jewelry making would come back in my life in full force in 2012. I was working at UPS for nearly 10 years when I was injured on the job and required two hip surgeries within eleven months. The recovery and therapy times being extensive had me extremely bored! Always on the move and not being able to get around was very frustrating for me. One day while attempting to be active on my trusty crutches browsing the craft section of my local craft shop looking for new charcoal pencils one day when I came across the strung bead section. I was in awe! Instantly my mind started working overtime with all of the beautiful things I could create! And so Wanderlust Hearts was born! I am self taught and always looking to learn more techniques to make my jewelry better and better. I do hope you enjoyed the story of how my jewelry business came to be! ~Kristina @WanderlustHeartShop

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