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Welcome to my Wood Shop,

I hope you will find the perfect Hand crafted wood sign, game, or gift that you have been looking for. In this shop you will find a wide variety of Hand Made Quality Wood Signs, Games, Cake Stands, and other hand crafted items that are truly unique.

Every Wood item here is made 100% from scratch. On my wood signs the letters and images are engraved and carved into the wood then the sign/game is hand painted and given several coats of polyurethane. I make Engraved Wood Signs for every occasion. I do not use stencils or vinyl lettering as I like the look and feel of carved signs...

On my Wood games I am one of the few game makers who will make custom designed games. As you can see I was selling games on Artfire long before anyone else. As you can tell I make a lot of game boards with so many variations it sometimes makes me wonder where all my ideas come from. You will find that others are beginning to make games and you will see my designs copied by others.

My Original ideas:

Colored dice to match the marbles. 5 Marbles in play rather than 4. 6 Marbles in play rather than 4 or 5. The Marble catch. A groove on the perimeter of my games to catch stray marbles. Log Cake stands. "I stopped because everyone and their mother started making them." " Some even copied my ads per bet-um".

Many of the games in my shop were custom requests from friends who sent me pictures of their old family games and asked it I could reproduce them, I love making custom games as much as custom signs.

Custom orders are always welcome..

I often get asked if I make real wood games. Yes I do but not very often for a reason. Real wood games no matter who makes them have a tendency to either warp or check. Check means crack. It doesn't matter how good the game is made real wood by nature shrinks and swells over time according to the climate and humidity as well as the moisture content of the wood when it was made. Smaller games don't warp/check as bad as bigger games do,

Bottom line if you buy a real wood game make sure to get a 3 year written warranty against checking and warping. That is my advice. I am not saying real wood is better than plywood nor that plywood is better than real wood. Both are nice and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Notice: All photos and designs in my Artfire store are protected by copyright. Please respect my designs and ideas as I respect yours. Be original..

If you have any questions feel free to ask..