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We think jewelry should not only be good looking, but also reflect a unique taste. At a glance, each piece's meaning and charm should be clear, as well as its symbolism for the wearer. A piece may symbolize belief, hope, courage, commitment, and other important values. Creating something to make people feel strength and faith is the little ambition of our studio.

Skills and Techniques

We make silver and gold jewelry. Most are made by small batch production, but we make sure that every product is adjusted by hand. We also sell some hand-carved works, each of which is completely unique.

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Get to Know

1225Studio is a jewelry design studio made up of Chinese artists. Our founder and chief designer is a sculptor who created many brilliant works in the genre of Chinese fruit pit carving. He received praise from academics for not making copies of his engravings, so that only few people could own his creations.

He decided to start jewelry design to better express his sculpting ideas, and more importantly to take advantage of small batch production, so that everyone who liked his works could get a chance to own one. With this wish, 1225Studio was created.

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