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I studied Fashion Design and Engineering for 4 years. After graduation, I have been engaged in fashion design and customization.

One day, one friend of mine who was just as bridesmaid, was complaining to me with a Infinity Bridesmaid dress that wearing uncomfortabletoo/ little changes/ see through and so on. This infinity dress attracted me. Based on my years of experience in Fashion Design, I found the best fabric and began to improve the format of the infinity bridesmaids dress. I increased the wide hemline of 90°so that there will be more folds and hangs well. I added the waist back design so that it will be more fitting. And I improved "transparent elastic band" instead of the "white elastic band" of the waist, which looks more upscale. I widened and lengthened the shoulder strap so that the dress could be changed more styles. I chose high quality fabric so it is not see through. I made my own first infinity dress and show it to my friends, she praised my improved dress and encouraged me to sell it on Artfire. So I found my old friend Allan and asked him to work with me.

We made 21 different colors of dresses together, More colors will be produced in the future!thank you for coming!

Skills and Techniques

Seven Techniques make super quality:
1.Ergonomic design wearing more comfortable;
2.Widened and lengthened shoulder straps provide more styles;
3.Waist back fitting design,more graceful;
4.14-16 stitches per inch, 3-5 back stitches on hem,more sturdy and stronger;
5.7MM high grade transparent elastic band-more elastic and good resilience;
6.Fabric with 11% spandex, high elasticity,bright colorful,hangs well.
7.Non shrinking process.

Find me online @:

https://www.artfire.com/ext/shop… https://www.artfire.com/ext/shop… https://www.artfire.com/ext/shop… https://www.artfire.com/ext/shop…

Get to Know

Hello, Welcome to my shop!
All the bridesmaid infinity dresses were made by my hands. My infinity dress that can be worn in infinite ways for different occasions.You can create your own style with this chic dress. It's suitable for any body and event.There are 21 classic colors can be choosed and custom other colors are availavle! Contact with me if you need to custom color.

There were a lot of buyers who told me they couldn't wear the dress which purchased from other sellers because the dress was see through and the fabric was too thin and poor quality, so they have to came to my shop to buy it again.
My HIGH ELASTIC fabric contains 11% of the spandex, which is more elastic than the ordinary fabric on the market and is MORE COMFORTABLE to wear.And not see through, this is what other sellers don't dare to promise, except me.
Just rest assured shoping here. Any questions please let me know it's my pleasure to help you!

Enjoy your shopping here!
Tina :)

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