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EL MONTE, ca, United States



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About Us On Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLh9j4uuVDo


2002-2010: Local Business service on Melbourne Vic, Australia
October-2010: Established AJ Creativity PTY LTD In Australia-Melbourne(Art City)
November-2010: Sell items on eBay
January-2011: Sell Wall Stickers on eBay
October-2011: Popular Items Christmas Wall Stickers
March-2012: Turnover gradually increased
November-2012: Continuous innovation, improvement, and gradually form a stable operating model
August-2013:Switch to the wallpaper mural market.
June-2013: Start Sell to International.
November-2013: Introduction from Germany High-Quality Print Machine.
March-2014: Established Company Website (www.ajwallpaper.com.au)
April-2014: Cooperation with several Designers to make unique photo wallpaper mural.
October-2014: Ceiling Murals Start Sell on eBay
June-2015: AJ WALLPAPER trademark approved.
July- 2015: eBay Store re-design by SwiftProductions
August-2015: Floor Murals Start sell on eBay
December-2015: Showroom Start Melbourne, Sydney (now total 5 showrooms)
February-2016: Companies to enhance the scale.
May-2016: International Buyers beyond Australia Local buyers.
July-2016: Print, Package, Delivery make more easy and fast.
August-2016: eBay Continuing feedback back to 100%
November-2016: Turnover has far exceeded 2015.
December-2016: Stairs Murals Start Sell On eBay
January-2017: Start sell on Amazon US, CA, MX
June-2017: Start sell on Etsy
June-2017: Team member over 10
October-2017: Retail Shop open on Knoxfield, Vic, Australia
January-2018: Team Crew up to 15
May-2018: Continually

AJ Wallpaper
With our huge range of designer wallpapers and photo murals at discount prices, you can turn your inspirations into life and transform your home into the sanctuary you’ve always wanted. Have a great idea but can’t find it in our existing online collection? AJ Wallpaper gives you the freedom and flexibility to create custom wallpapers and murals with your very own designs.
The Vision
Our vision is to make a difference by dressing your world in unique, beautiful and imaginative wallpaper and doing so responsibly, with environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient manufacturing. Through our partnership with Habitat for Humanity, we’re also passionate about helping those in need to find homes. While we have taken the first few steps towards accomplishing our vision, there is so much more to do but we would love for you to join us on this journey of creating a better and even more beautiful world.
The Design
We see our design studio as a greenhouse, a place where both our and your ideas can grow and take shape freely. All it takes is a good idea and that first brush stroke; this is where the wall mural magic begins.

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