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My total love for design and creating things started with an open CorelDraw program on one of the office computers. 12 years from now :)
I started with graphic design, made my own Advertising agency, went to live in UK and worked with great Brand Identity specialists, organized International Exhibitions and this is how I learned the production process from a simple leaflet to building exhibition stands. I was so fascinated by the complete process from an idea to the perfect finished product.

I believe in the impulse, it is vital, always changing, always challenging.
I am constantly searching for fabrics, new materials, new production lines, adding new themes...but the main idea still remains. The beauty and perfection that surrounds us all.

Skills and Techniques

For all my clients that are interested in technology and production I made some photos. I use what is called sublimation / heat transfer. The image is printed on a special transfer paper/ ink is EU certified and approved and totally harmless/ and then it is transferred on to fabric using heat transfer colander machine on 200 degrees cesium. This ensures that the image is build in the fabric and will not fade away, it is washable and tumble drier safe. You can use your normal washing agent and even use bleach if needed :)

As my products are made to order they are totally customizable with regards to size, design, color. You can add a name, quote, a poem or any other message. I can design a project for an, event or a party, anniversary, baby shower, celebration. Feel free to share your ideas.

I hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I do making it from an idea to a bedding, sheet sets, tapestries, shams and more to come in near future.

Get to Know

In my shop I offer custom made to order quality prints. Here you can find Galaxy, Bohemian, Nature, Fantasy, Mandala, Spiritual, World map, Psychedelic, Vintage designer stuff, a bit of everything for every taste. We make Bedding sets, duvet covers, sheet sets, tapestries, duvets, curtains, blankets, towels and etc. I have so many options, just let me know what you need as my stuff is totally customizable.

Our prints are a work of art and we treat their design with diligent care as we oversee the entire creation process. We print our images using a state of the art printing technology called sublimation. Our products feature high quality image printing that never fades, washable and tumble drier safe.

Our bedding sets, duvet covers, tapestries make great gifts for family and friends. Consider a custom product for a wedding gift, housewarming gift, baby shower gift, graduation gift and more.Perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, Grandparents Day, Mother’sDay; just to name a few. We know you will brighten up someone’s day with the gift that never stops giving. You can be content knowing that your gift will bring a family or friend joy each time they look upon it.

For me it all started with a photo an an idea, looking forward to hear yours :)

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