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Waldorf, MD, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome! Art is a wonder & a world. Seeing the world around us is the true art. This is my inspiration for all my creations.


I consider myself to be a jack of all trades and a master of none because I love delving into so many artistic interests. I love to take something; not knowing what it will become, and make it into something useful or decorative.

Skills and Techniques

As a multi-media artisan I enjoy creating various fine craft items. Currently my passion is handcrafted jewelry incorporating wire wrapping and varied beading techniques. Some of my other passions are basketry, calligraphy, home decor, silk painting, fabric paining, watercolor, crochet, needlepoint, cross-stitch, framing, ceramics and hand built pottery. I am an artist of many media but a master of none. I am constantly learning and developing new passions.

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Get to Know

Art and fine crafts have been a passion for 60+ years. Life has taken me in many directions to include being a military Air Force wife, mother of two and a grandmother of two adorable grandchildren. They are the light and purpose of my life.

Upon graduating from the University of West Florida, I joined the teaching staff of Miami Military Academy as their first ever art teacher. Teaching there for a year, was a great experience preparing me for the eventual military wife assignment. At the end of that year my fiancé returned from Viet Nam and we married to begin a life in Pennsylvania.

I joined the teaching staff of Dallastown School District in Dallastown PA. For two great years I was fortunate enough to teach elementary art. At this point my husband re-enlisted in the Air Force and we started our military travels, which took us to South Carolina, England UK, back to South Carolina and eventually to Maryland. During that time I was active with military spousal activities but always engulfed in some type of arts and crafts.

Upon arrival in Maryland I finally returned to my first love of being totally immersed in the arts. I started out as a contract teacher with an adult arts and crafts program on Andrews AFB, Maryland. Shortly afterward I was hired to manage the sales supply store and teach classes. Then eventually promoted to the Assistant Director's position and finally the Director. That was the perfect job. Where could one get paid to encourage and assist others in finding peace of mind through creativity? Unfortunately this program was closed and my life changed putting my artistic endeavors into a hiatus, to only be brought out for the occasional handmade gift that was needed.

During this hiatus I was privileged to become a manager with the Military Child and Youth Programs. The creative spirit was turned into an different approach by working on the initial national accreditation of the programs. This accreditation was mandated by congress for all Child and Youth programs for all military branches of service.

My inner desire for personal creative growth rushed forward early on in 2008. This burning desire to delve into something within the visual arts community, developed into this passion to create jewelry. I have always been fascinated with color, form and line. I had longed to find a craft that I could become passionate about. My mother was an avid knitter and loved to crochet; I had longed to learn but always was intimidated by the patterns. All those numbers and abbreviations were daunting. I needed a creative outlet, to counter balance a very stressful full-time job. But how to get started was the big question.

The mission called for intervention with a trip to the local arts and crafts supply store. Once there, I loved doing so many things where to start was the puzzle of that afternoon. Then the glitz and glitter of the bead and jewelry isle beckoned. Having no learned skills in the media buying lots of books and materials put me at a loss. What to buy? To make it simple I purchased a kit to make earrings and a basic set of tools. I was hooked. Browsing the internet one afternoon I discovered wire wrapping and the urge to create consumed me. Using wire wrapping took jewelry making to a new level. Before I knew it the supplies flooded the living room and soon I special place had to be dedicated. The rest is history and here I am online sharing my unique one-of-a-kind wearable art. The rest is history....

I am committed to excellence. Please enjoy my creations and wear them in good health.

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