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ALBUQUERQUE, NM, United States

Quick Blurb

Artists working in the film industry's wardrobe set & props & parenting 2 girls, living on Albuquerque's West Mesa Desert.


Fabric, sewing, collage, thread, needles, hand sewing, embroidery, cross stitch, beads, science fiction, fantasy, 80s, SyFy, BBC, Reading, Movies, Fashion

Skills and Techniques

Clothing and costume creation Hand Embroidery Cross Stitch Machine Sewing Pattern Making Recycle/Upcycling Beading Sketching/Drawing

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Get to Know

As a young girl all I wanted to do was lose myself in Fantasy and Science fiction books. Then came Cable TV and ooo boy did my reality change. I had no real life to speak of, I lived in books and movies, so this combination of 2 worlds lead to a great alternate reality. Add to that I was surrounded by creative people. My Grandfather was an artist who sketched, watercolored, oil painted and engraved pictures on glass. My mom painted, was always doing some sort of arts and crafts with us or sewing up ballet and Halloween costumes. Our house was filled with hand crafted antiques and paintings. Some of those books I would lose myself in were full color Encyclopedias of the World's art masters. I was never trained in art, it was all around me. I was a constant doodler and crafter. Paste was a delicacy and crayons were my rose colored glasses. It was somewhere in between The Cat and the Hat and Shakespeare that I recall my Grandmother wanting to sit down and teach me to cross stitch. I still have that piece, 1/16th of a horse's head, sewing was a bust, it was stupid, who needed sewing when there was Sega and Atari?! A few years later my other Grandmother attempted to teach me to knit, might as well have called it knotting. It was still more fun to watch my mom sew and play with buttons in a tin. But I persisted in my art classes of every sort. Annoying every teacher who wanted to teach me anything, firing clay ash trays and sculptures and sanding off half my thumb in wood shop. It was not until I had children of my own that I found my art being pulled towards the fabric sort. I wanted to make things for my girls and my home. I had seen my mom pumping away the foot pedal of her old Singer in a red cabinet, I had once held a needle and thread, how hard could this be? It was like riding a bike. It was meant to be. I love that every time I sew I learn something new or make my skills better. I love holding a needle in my hand and the peace that the sound of the sewing machine brings. I love sewing on teeny, tiny beads and sequins. I love seeing a tangible stuffed animal, costume or collage take shape from a flat square piece of material. This art journey I am on in my life is fascinating and unexpected and wonderful. Don't be afraid to follow that path and make your dream a reality. Inspiration is everywhere. What will you create today? Update: Recently we have been taking on a lot of work on wardrobe and props in the filmmaking industry. As we make this move towards more film and less custom work we will be posting a lot of our leftover supplies and materials. Please follow our adventures on Facebook!

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