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Saint Julien Les Rosiers, Ga, France


I am an avid crafter, who cannot be sat without doing something.

I love knitting and sewing, hence the start of this business. My mother taught me to sewing and knit for which I am extremely grateful to her.

My other passion is cross stitching.

Skills and Techniques

To create these items I hunt for different ideas on the internet or in local shops

So I spend hours using my hands to create something different.

Get to Know

I left England to come and live in France in 2008, so I had to come up with something to keep me busy, having given up being a teacher.

I love cross stitching, knitting and sewing, so I started to develop my own items for sale, as a result I created Dreams Of Avalon.

I love making things, but my favourite part of this business is selling to people from all over the world,

I also have another shop on Artfire selling cross stitch patterns, it is called Avalon X Stitch.