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Alton, Mo, United States

Quick Blurb

Folk Artists and Farmers who love to create original artwork with a warm country feel. We raise Heirloom Produce and Seeds.


Heirloom seed and plants, folk art, outdoor art, heirloom seeds, rare seeds, heritage plants, open-pollinated seed, naturally grown, organic gardening practices,

Skills and Techniques

farming, seed saving, painting, metal sculpting, lampworking, woodworking, upcycling, repurposing, welding, plasma cutting, assemblage,

Get to Know

We are a family run farm located in the Southern Missouri / Northern Arkansas area. Our area of the country is rich in heritage. People of the Ozarks are known for Folk Art and creating things out of necessity. Gardening is also something done in this area out of necessity. Our art and farm are our only means of support for our family. It is not a hobby for us. We take pride in what we do. We farm and create our art with love and passion. We process our seeds with the utmost care and perform germination tests. We are the Rain family, full time Folk Artists and Farmers who love to create original artwork with a warm country feel. The majority of our art is made using recycled or reclaimed items. We enjoy making new, handmade pieces of furniture from old wood and also give old pieces of furniture and decor new life by adding unique design elements and one of a kind paintings. A favorite media of ours is reclaimed wood. A pile of slabwood takes on new life as custom furniture. As Mixed Media Artists, we work in metal and make a variety of garden items, such as windmills and fountains. A discarded bicycle and washing machine merge together to become a windmill. We are gardeners who offer naturally grown fresh produce at local farmers markets and farm days. We are proud seed savers of rare and hard to find heirloom vegetable, flower, and herbs varieties. We offer a large variety of naturally grown heirloom seeds for sale on our website. There is no time like the present to order your seeds and plan your garden.

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