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Lenoir City, TN, United States


Inspired after experiencing a total pet bed failure after only a few years and having spent a lot for it. I then decided to make my own bed out of layers of fleece and over ten years later it is still a beautiful bed though a tad worn in the fringe, but going great. The colors are still beautiful and I swear the fleece has aged well and looks better then it did when it was new. Layers of fleece and many years later I'm making beautiful, cozy beds that improves the pets comfort to willing go where they wouldn't go before, such as cat condos and crates. Giving them comfort.

Many of these beds are actually layered with berber, sherpa and other fleeces which are remnants and not suitable for the outer layers of a finished project. The result is that you simply will not believe how good these feel!

Skills and Techniques

SuperCozy beds feature extra layers of fleece and/or batting in the center portion of the bed increasing the total cushion of the bed up to six layers. The entire bed has two to four layers throughout. All the bedding is "tie quilted" into place to prevent shifting, bunching, lumping and thin spots while remaining breathable.

Ragdoll beds utilize leftover fleece and batting "confetti" to fill a bed. Semi-Ragdoll is for larger beds. The fleece confetti is sewn in around the edge of the bed creating a generously thick, cushiony border.

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Get to Know

As a pet behavior therapist, my passion is helping pets overcome stress. Much of a pets stress comes from being physically uncomfortable. Imagine how grumpy we would be if we slept on hard, lumpy beds every night.

Specially designed for superior comfort, long lasting beauty and to be completely washable. SuperCozy pet beds improve a pets comfort and quickly become a favorite place to rest. Best off all SuperCozy beds are not filled with material destined to fail, go flat or get lumpy. No fabric cover that will wear and fray and is difficult to remove. The whole bed goes in the wash and comes out of the drier fluffed, clean and ready to snuggle into.

SuperCozy beds are layered with berber, sherpa and other fleeces as well as quilt batting to retain body heat while remaining breathable. The result is a soft, cushioned, breathable dog bed that never gets lumpy, flat or hard.

You simply will not believe how good these feel!

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